Fall MakeUp Trends You Can't Miss: Lashes Are the Focus

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Fall Make Up Trends - Lashes Lashes Lashes

Summer's on its final countdown which means the hottest month of the year is here but also the new Fall Trends will be in full effect.  Just around the corner we'll need to adjust our makeup trends to go with that new wardrobe you're planning on getting to match the cooler weather and darker colors that are sure to come.  We don't know about you but Fall is one of our favorite seasons.  But it's better if you're fully prepared for the season.  We have listed out the best makeup trends for you to get a fresh look for the season. 

Lashes are a central focus, with lashes defined, lengthened and separated with black mascara on the upper and lower lash line for a spidery, wide-eyed look.  Long and defined lashes come to the forefront with the top and bottom lashes exaggerated to the extreme. Separation is key with individual lashes enhanced with black mascara for a spidery look. False lashes add drama with individual lashes applied to the bottom of the eyes.

This trends could be seen all over the FashionWeek runways especially at Emilio Pucci's runway where they took this trend to the max with bright coloured lashes in orange, lime green, red and white stand out against a fresh and pared-back complexion.  Although you don't have to go to that extreme; you can easily create the same trendsetting looks with your favorite Mademoiselle Lashes. 


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