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What's Inside

Great eyelashes require great tools. That’s why we’ve developed an array of exclusive lash accessories that will help you to wear yours better. We’re talking cutting-edge adhesives that apply like liquid eyeliner yet still keep your magnetic or glue-on lashes as secure as ever. Specialist lash tweezers that make application a breeze plus extend the lifespan of your lash strip. Ultra-sharp precision scissors to get the perfect lash fit. And outstanding lash curlers for your curviest, most beautiful eyelashes ever. All designed by false eyelash experts to simplify your beauty routine, while simultaneously elevating your lash look to the extreme.

Why you'll Love Them

Whether you’re a false lash newbie or a seasoned pro, the right tools will always improve the final look. A fabulous pair of eyelash curlers is one of our top must-have lash accessories, thanks to the way they’ll help your natural and false eyelashes blend together for a result that’s far more natural-looking. Lash tweezers meanwhile keep dirt and bacteria off of your lash strip, and when it comes to lash adhesives, we’re staying ahead of the curve by creating simple to use, pen-style applicators that deliver the perfect amount of magnetic eyeliner, colorless glue, or 2-in-1 glue and liner.

How They're Made

Just like with our vegan mink and vegan silk lashes, when it comes to our lash accessories we only offer the best of the best for our Mademoiselles. Our luxury beauty tools are made from premium-quality, highly-durable materials that guarantee they’ll stay in your makeup kit for years to come. As for our range of false lash adhesives, we carefully choose our ingredients to bring you innovative products that work like a dream, stay put all day, and yet wash off easily when you want them gone. And of course, they’re 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly.

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