Tina Lashes

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Discover the glamorous, double layer eyelashes look that will have all eyes on yours! Part of our luxurious Premier collection, these winged eyelashes have our most exaggerated cat’s eye shape to date, reaching a lusciously-long 15mm at the outer corner. It’s an intensely-glamorous design that is flattering on every eye shape. Best paired with a smokey eye, a sexy dress, and heaps of attitude!

We did however set out to create winged eyelashes that also look as natural as possible, which is why we’ve blended together long lashes and short ones throughout the strip (because real lashes aren’t uniform in length). We’ve also used fine, wispy, real silk fibers that look just like natural eyelashes, and we’ve even given them a C curl which is the lash curve that most of us are born with. Your own lashes will easily blend in with the Tina ones, no mascara required.

Plus, the silk fibers are incredibly lightweight which makes these false lashes exceptionally comfortable to wear. They are double layer eyelashes, meaning there are actually two rows of lashes on every strip, for extra-fluffy volume. But despite this, they remain so feather-light that you’ll barely feel them there. They certainly won’t weigh your lids down!

If you love the winged eyelashes look, you can’t go wrong with Tina. It’s a suits-everyone style that will have anyone who looks your way entranced in an instant. A must-have for nights out, photoshoots, and other occasions when only the most striking of lash looks will do!

How to Apply

Even beginners can achieve an alluring, professional-looking finish in minutes with Mademoiselle Lash!

Step 1: Prep your silk lashes by gently bending them in a U shape.

Step 2: Hold them to your eye to check the length, and trim them to just short of your eye length so they won’t poke at the corners. Go slow! Snip a bit at a time, from the outer edge only for winged styles and outer/inner edge for mirrored styles, until they’re perfect.

Step 3: Apply mascara to create a supportive base, and eyeliner so you’ve got a clear line to follow.  Curl your natural lashes too, so they’ll better match the flirty curve of your Mademoiselle Lashes.

Step 4: Apply your favorite lash adhesive along the band, and wait 30 seconds for it to dry to a tacky consistency.

Step 5: Holding your Mademoiselle Lashes from the center with a pair of tweezers, position them as close to your natural lash line as possible (above, not below!), and gently press into place.

That’s it! You can follow up with more mascara if you want, but your silk lashes will last longer if you don’t. Plus it’s unnecessary – our lashes are already beautifully dense!

Lash Care

A little TLC goes a long way – with the right care, you can wear your Mademoiselle Lashes up to 20 times, or more!

Don’t sleep in your lashes. Sometimes, all you want to do after a night out is crash into bed. But sleeping in your lashes can permanently crease them into a less-than-gorgeous shape.

Remove gently. Our lashes are pretty sturdy, but there’s only so much pulling these fine, natural-looking hairs can take! Peel them off slowly and with care.

Keep them clean. Every 3-4 wears loosen glue build-up by applying makeup remover with a cotton swab. Then gently remove the residue with tweezers or your fingertips, pressing the base and hairs between the pads of your fingers so the lashes don’t get pulled off.

Don’t soak them. Our lashes can handle a little water, but don’t drown them!

Store carefully. Pop your Mademoiselle Lashes back in their tray between wears, to protect their shape.

To mascara or not to mascara? Our lashes will last longer if you don’t coat them in mascara. But using mascara on your natural lashes prior to application is fine.

The Premier Collection

Make a bold statement with Premier, our signature collection. Designed for maximum drama, these are the best strip lashes for photo shoots, special occasions, nights out, and any other time you want all eyes to be on you!

Most of our Premier styles are winged eyelashes, because nothing says glamour quite like a seductive cat’s eye flick. The effect is particularly dramatic when paired with winged eyeliner and a smokey eye! However, even the non-winged eyelashes in our Premier range will bring an exaggerated fullness and intensity to your look.

Like all of the best strip lashes, our Premier ones are double-layered, creating feathery volume that looks incredible from all angles. There’s no need to add mascara to achieve the drama you crave – these fluffy lash strips bring a sensational depth and definition all by themselves.

Our Longest Silk Styles

These are, naturally, our longest styles, especially the winged eyelashes which can reach up to 17mm depending on the design. They’re definitely the best strip lashes to choose when your main goal is luscious length! 

All Mademoiselle Lashes are luxuriously hand-crafted from real silk fibers. They have a soft and feathery look, as well as feeling wonderfully lightweight – our Premier lashes may look ultra-dense, but they won’t weigh your lids down.

Silk also holds its shape incredibly well. You can expect these to last up to 25 wears with proper care. With a set in your makeup kit, you’ll always be ready to look phenomenal when a last-minute hot date comes up!