Lash Bundle Collection

About the Collection

New to the fabulous, fluttery world of faux lashes and struggling to pick a style? Have a big event or photo shoot coming up that you’d like multiple options for? Or just love to switch up your look regularly? Whichever of these applies to you, we’ve got you covered with our lash bundle packs.

What's Inside

Each pack of lashes includes a selection of different styles from our collection. The wedding lash bundles contain three sets of beautiful eyelashes, specially chosen to take you from aisle to reception to after party. Simply choose between round or winged – each pack includes a subtler, more natural-looking version for daytime, a high-octane glamor one for evening, and a third set of lashes that is somewhere in between. Even if you’re not getting married, you’ll love the day-to-night (or casual-brunch-to-hot-date) versatility of these two lash multipacks!

Why You'll Love Them

The 4-piece lash bundle options are the perfect way to sample our entire range of either rounded or cat’s-eye style eyelashes. If you’ve never (or rarely) worn false eyelashes before and aren’t sure which lash length or volume will suit you best, these packs will allow you to try out a variety of densities and curl types, and at a discounted rate compared to buying each lash set separately.

How They're Made

All Mademoiselle Lash faux eyelashes are made using high-quality, cruelty-free vegan silk fibers. We’ve chosen vegan silk both for its natural look and its durability – our eyelashes can be worn again and again without losing their shape.

In fact, every one of our strip lashes is carefully hand-crafted to last up to 20+ wears with the right care and storage. That means that each 3-pack of lashes will have your eyes looking incredible for as many as 60 days, and a 4-piece lash bundle will give you up to 80 wears in total. We think they’re incredible value for money!

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