Wispy Faux Eyelashes

About the Collection

Like your lashes with a delicate touch? Our wispy false lashes will still add the dramatic, eye-opening length that you’re craving, just without the heavy volume. They’re the perfect day-to-night style – natural enough to work for the office, but not so subtle that your eyes will look underdressed on the dancefloor.

What's Inside

Wispy lashes are a universally flattering style, meaning they’re guaranteed to look gorgeous on everyone. The fibers are packed a little less densely than on our more dramatic lash styles, creating a beautifully fine flutter that works to lift and open up your eyes without any risk of overpowering them. If you need a little more help we’ve created a fun interactive lash quiz to help you figure this all out, follow this link to check it out.

Made For You

Like all our lashes, our wispy false lashes have tapered ends to better mimic your own lashes. And whether you choose a winged shape or a rounded one, they include a mixture of lengths all the way along the eyelid to create a more natural look (because real lashes aren’t perfectly uniform in length). Overall, it’s a very realistic effect that will have everyone guessing about whether you’re even wearing falsies or if you’ve just been blessed by the lash gods!

Oh, and our eyelashes definitely won’t weigh your lids down. Depending on which style you opt for, they’ll be made from vegan silk or vegan mink, both incredibly fine fibers that feel so lightweight you might even forget you’re wearing them. But only until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and are reminded how good you look.

You'll Love These

Our wispy false lashes may look delicate, but they’re designed to be incredibly durable. Each lash strip or cluster is carefully crafted by hand, using high-quality materials such as cotton bands. If you care for them properly (don’t worry – we’ve included instructions on our website you can refer to) you can get 20+ wears out of them, making them excellent value for money.

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