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Lash Shapes

Take the guesswork out of finding a lash style to suit you! From wispy to winged, and from natural-looking to high-octane glamour, step into our online Lash Boudoir to discover exactly which of our luxurious vegan lashes will best frame your beautiful eyes.

Our Virtual Try On allows you to instantly see how you’d look in any style from our lash collection, which will each transform your gaze in a unique way. Use the tool for beauty inspiration if you’re thinking of trying something new, or simply to find out which style will create the specific finishing touch to the look you’re going for.

eautiful woman wears silk vegan lashes Tina

Winged Lashes

Aiming for sultry and seductive glamour? Try on our winged vegan lashes. These ultra-alluring styles are longest at the outer corner, creating an upwards flick that helps to open up your eyes. Their classic cat’s eye shape particularly complements and accentuates a smoky eye – upload a photo with your eye makeup on to see just how they’ll elevate your night-out looks from good to utterly bewitching!

For a dramatic winged look, we recommend trying on our Tina, Thuy, or Mandee lashes. For a subtler day look that still has a flirty edge, give the gentler winged shape, give our Mila lashes a go.

Mandee Lashes Mandee
Thuy Lashes Thuy
Tina Lashes Tina

@yuligenes_ wearing Tina Lashes

Round Lashes

Whether you’re looking for an eye-enhancing daytime look, a low-key evening look, or you’re just unsure where to start, give our round lashes a virtual try on – we think you’ll love them! These styles are slightly tapered at the ends to create a natural-looking curve, which will beautifully magnify your eyes without overpowering them or making it obvious that you’re wearing false lashes.

For a natural look, try our ultra-realistic Robin lashes or our versatile Emma lashes, which both come on an invisible band. For a more intense take on a rounded shape, see how you’d look in the full and flirtatious Jenai lashes.

Jenai Lashes Jenai
Robin Lashes Robin
Emma Lashes Emma

@brookeashleyhall wearing Jenai Lashes

Happy woman wearing Jenai Silk Vegan Lashes
@missmacymarie shows how silk vegan lashes Robin enhance her look

Spiked Lashes

Obsessed with finding a false lash set that is lusciously long and yet still looks natural? We have just the thing! Try on our spiked vegan lashes; real lashes aren’t uniform in length, and these styles exaggerate the difference between shorter and longer lashes for a more realistic look. With both blended together across the eyelid, this lash style will create a perfectly-balanced flutter.

For the most natural effect of all, try on our delicate Robin lashes which also feature a clear band. Or see how you’d look in our Tina lashes, which mix soft spikes with a captivating cat’s eye shape.

Tina Lashes Tina
Robin Lashes Robin

@missmacyymarie wearing Robin Lashes

Cluster Lashes

If you’re intrigued by the idea of false eyelashes but worried about overpowering your eyes, start by trying on our vegan cluster lashes. With subtle spacing left between each little bouquet of lashes, these styles are less densely-packed than usual. They’ll still add beautiful length and volume, but guarantee it’s your eyes, not your eyelashes, that will take center-stage!

For those with smaller eyes, we recommend a virtual try on of our Lavonne lashes which are our shortest style. Or, see how you’d look in the dramatically-winged shape of our Mandee lashes, designed for a doe-eyed look that will take you from day to night.

Mandee Lashes Mandee
Lavonne Lashes Lavonne

@lavonnebeauty wearing Lavonne Lashes

@lavonnebeauty wears her namesake vegan lashes
Happy Woman wearing Vegan Silk Mila Lashes

Wispy Lashes

Craving a soft and feathery flutter? Try on a pair of our wispy lashes, which create elegance and glamour with a delicate touch. Like all of our vegan silk lashes, these are made from ultra-fine fibers, but they have been carefully styled to really exaggerate that wispiness regardless of volume level. They’re the perfect choice if you’re after a single lash set that will work for both natural and night-out makeup.

Try our Mila lashes first if you’re going for a very natural look, or otherwise give our Emma lashes a whirl which are packed a little more densely for added fullness.

Tina Lashes Tina
Mila Lashes Mila
Emma Lashes Emma

@isabel.c.ct wearing Mila Lashess

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