What We Are About

Mademoiselle Lash is one of the only false lashes brands that gives back to charity

Our Philosophy

We know that our Mademoiselles don’t just care about looking good, they care about doing good too. That’s why we are one of the only false lashes brands committed to ensuring that all of our false eyelashes are both cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Our reusable silk lashes are never tested on animals, and every purchase will arrive in chic, recycled paper packaging which was developed by our founder, inspired by her roots in eco-fashion.

Not only that, but we’ve also worked with eco-friendly, non-profit charity organizations such as CarbonFund to ensure our company’s carbon footprint on the world is as minimal as possible. We believe it’s entirely possible to make yourself beautiful and keep the planet looking beautiful at the same time!

Why Silk?

We are one of the few false lashes brands offering only 100% silk lashes. Unlike synthetic fibres, real silk eyelashes look completely natural and feel feather-light, just like your real lashes.

We also prefer silk lashes to mink or natural hair versions because silk is exceptionally durable and holds its shape. This allows us to create our range of very precise curl options to flatter different eye shapes, and ensures that your Mademoiselle Lash reusable eyelashes retain the same silhouette wear after wear after wear.

Plus, silk eyelashes simply look and feel luxurious – if you want a polished, professional look, it’s got to be silk!

Giving Back

Here at Mademoiselle Lash, we want to do more than just run a business. We believe that you get back only what you put into this world, and so we strive to seek out and work with charity organizations and non-profit organizations that are doing great and important things, and that we think our Mademoiselles will love to get behind too.

When you buy our reusable false eyelashes you’re supporting charities such as Children’s Hospital of Orange County, which helps families of children with terminal illness treat and find cures for those illnesses. We have also worked with Two Wings, a non-profit that helps women who are the victim of sex-trafficking to find jobs, pursue their dreams and ultimately go on to live fulfilled, financially-independent lives.

Thank you for choosing Mademoiselle Lash for your next set of 3D lashes, and allowing us to support incredible and worthy causes such as these!


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