Tina Lashes



STYLE                 WING
CURL                  C CURL
LENGTH           9MM (INNER), 12MM (CENTER), 15MM (OUTER)
WEARS              UP TO 20+ MULTI-WEARS

Discover glamorous 3D false lashes look that works for both daytime and evening. These tapered silk double eyelashes create a subtle cat’s eye flick that’s flattering whatever your natural eye shape.

The Tina design is double-layered, blending together long lashes with shorter lengths for a full and feathery finish that looks totally natural – these are 3D false eyelashes that look like the real thing, only better!

How to Apply

Applying your lashes can be easy with some practice.  Here are some steps from trimming your lashes to application.

Step 1 - Remove the lashes from the tray. Bend the lashes in a U shape to make them more flexible.

Step 2 - Hold the lash to your eye and measure where the lash should be trimmed. Shoot to have your lashes fall just short of your natural eye length so that they won’t poke your inner corner of your eye. Always trim from the outer end and not the inner to maintain its intended shape.  We recommend to make small cuts until you meet your ideal lash length.

Step 3 - Apply Mascara to your natural lashes to create a stiffer shelf for your silk lashes to sit on. Curl your natural eyelashes and apply your eyeliner to create a guideline for you to follow. 

Step 4 - Apply your favorite lash adhesive along lash band and allow the lash glue 30 seconds to dry to a tacky consistency for applying to your eye.

Step 5 - Apply your silk lashes with a pair of tweezers (holding it from the middle of the lash) or with your hands. Gently place lashes on top of (and as close to) your natural lash line. Secure lash by pushing it down towards your lash line; try not to move the lashes too much. After you apply the lashes give them time to set.

Step 6 - Your all finished. You can apply mascara or finish with more eyeliner for a more dramatic effect and fill in any gaps.

Lash Care

Proper care for your lashes is the only way to continue to use them for up to 20+ wears.  Here are some tips to care for your lashes. 

Don't sleep in your lashes. We know this may be hard to do sometimes depending on the night you've had but try not to sleep in your lashes.  Sleeping in your lashes can damage them or permanently crease them in a shape you don't want.

When you’re removing your lashes, please be gentle.  They are still just individual hairs held together by a cotton thread.  They can only take so much force. Try to not to pull too hard when you’re removing them.

Use a cotton swab to loosen the glue residue with makeup remover.  Once the residue is loosened gently remove the glue with tweezers or your fingertips.  Make sure to hold the base & lash hairs with the pad of your finger to avoid individual lashes from being pulled off.  It’s recommended to remove glue buildup after 3 – 4 wears.

Do not soak your lashes...they can take water but don't drown them.

When you take off your lashes take time to gently remove the glue from the band.  You can either pull the glue with your fingertips hold the hairs in place with your other fingers to keep it together.  Or gently use makeup removed to dab the glue away.

It's your preference if you want to add mascara but we recommend you don't to give your lashes a long life. To keep your lashes shape we recommend you reuse our lash trays for easy storage.

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