Considering laser hair removal for your lady bits? It’s an expensive option. But then again, is it really? If you consider how much the average woman spends on quality razors (because a cheap single blade from the dollar store simply won’t cut it) or on waxing services from a professional, it really adds up over time.

Laser hair removal cost vs. the alternatives

The average Brazilian wax can range anywhere from $45-100, depending on where you live and the type of place you choose. A specialty waxing boutique such as the European Wax Center or The Pretty Kitty will set you back $54-$60 per session for a Brazilian, plus tip. And in order to maintain that fuzz-free, baby smooth crotch, you’ll be committed to returning for maintenance at least every 4-6 weeks.

If you shave, those 5-blade razors are a necessity to be able to get the job done in as few strokes as possible to prevent the risk of razor burn, or worse, getting cuts. Ouch. At $2-4 per replacement blade, that seems ultra-cheap but also quickly adds to those Target run bills.

The typical laser hair removal cost, on the other hand, is around $500 for the bikini line. That’s per session, and you will require multiple treatments (more on that below). But it’s generally permanent. One big, up-front cost and then never having to spend money – or time – on waxes or razors again. The convenience!

woman receiving laser hair removal treatments

What is Brazilian laser hair removal?

For the newbies, what exactly is a Brazilian, you ask? It’s the removal of all hair from your vagina and buttocks. Yes, ALL! It’s the only way to rock those skimpy bottoms on a Brazilian cut bikini without your shrub peeking out, duh. It’s liberating, it’s sexy and you’ll never have to worry about stubble poking out like a cactus through your ‘fancy’ undies. Yup, you know what I’m talking about.

Don’t want to be 100% bare? That’s up to the individual. Leaving a landing strip or a patch or a perfectly-pruned triangle is completely up to you, should you not prefer the prepubescent look. 

The pros and cons

Now let’s talk about the benefits of laser hair removal. It’s permanent. Enough said. The laser targets the darker pigments of a hair follicle underneath the surface of your skin. It will zap the follicle, damaging it and hopefully prevent it from regrowing.

The downside is that hair grows in different stages and the laser can only target hair that is already actively growing. This is why it is best to do at least 5-7 treatments of the same area 4-6 weeks apart to make sure any new regrowth is zapped away as well. Some follicles can stay dormant and grow with hormonal changes, so future treatments for maintenance may still be needed. But this can be different with each person.

Woman receiving Brazilian laser hair removal treatments from an experienced technician.

My experience: does laser hair removal work?

Curious to know what my personal experience with laser hair removal was like? I walked in nervous, which was making me sweaty and which in turn made me worry about being stinky. You know, down there.

I was worrying about burning worse than labor pains. I fully expected silent tears and teeth clenching (and butt clenching AND vagina clenching!) to bear the pain. I was also just generally nervous. I’m really not that shy. I’ve birthed three children, see my gyno regularly, and get waxed every other month. But the idea of having yet another person getting facetime with my vagina still makes me anxious. 

I had chosen to have my underarms and Brazilian done at the same time, at a med spa, by an experienced technician who also happened to be a labor and delivery nurse at the local hospital. She was more than qualified to be lasering vaginas, that’s for sure!

The laser hair removal process

She walked me into a room beautifully appointed like a fancy spa, and left me with instructions to undress completely from the bottom down and just to remove my top. I undressed and laid under a paper sheet in only a bra, waiting for her to come back. When she returned, she had me put on some terminator style sunglasses and told me she’d do a test area so I would know exactly what to expect.

She quickly zapped me in the underarm area and the sound of the zap startled me more than any actual feeling of pain. It felt like nothing more than a blast of cold air. She asked if it hurt and I blurted, “Oh my God. That’s it?”, in complete relief and awe. “Yup!”, she said, and started zapping the rest of my armpit in quick succession. That’s when I felt the stinging. It wasn’t what I considered painful. It was more of a discomfort, best described as the after effect of a mild burn. A stinging sensation that lingers for long enough to bother you and then it’s just gone.

The nether region wasn’t much different. There is a particular area my favorite waxer in Yorba Linda, Nena, dubbed the “devil’s triangle”. It’s the very point at the top of the labia and always hurts like hell when waxed. Sorry to disappoint, ladies, but that spot isn’t any less painful with laser hair removal. The pain was short and intense and made me hold my breath. Was it horrible? No. Labor is horrible. Waxing is bearable and so was this.

So, would I recommend Brazilian laser hair removal?

Err, that would be a huge yes. I wish I had done this earlier, if anything. The hair falls out as it grows out, which is a bit of a patience killer because I hate stubble. Who doesn’t? But hashtag, worth it! Because I know that once the six sessions I have scheduled are completed, I’ll be stubble free forever. I will no longer pay someone to rip my fuzz out every two months.

And the biggest benefit of all that you may not have considered: future ingrown can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because they’re dead! See what I did there? Look what you made me do.

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