Winged Fake Lashes

About the Collection

What’s sexier than a classic cat’s eye flick? Whether you want to channel your inner Beyoncé or create a more retro, bold winged look à la Amy Winehouse or Lana del Rey, cat eye false lashes are a glamorous and provocative choice that brings an alluring sense of mystery to your gaze. Plus, they´re also the perfect pairing for a smokey eye!

What's Inside

Just liked winged eyeliner, these winged lashes will look flattering on absolutely anyone. By gradually increasing in length towards the outer corners, they help to draw the eye upwards which provides an instant visual lift. Almond eyes look much bigger, downturned eyes get opened up, and the outwards-and-upwards flick also perfectly balances out a rounder eye shape. If you need more help to figure out what eye shape you are and what lash styles we recommend, check out our interactive lash quiz to find out. 

Made For You

Looking for gorgeous lashes that make a statement? Mascara just can’t compare to the cat-eye false lashes from our Premier collection, which offer truly phenomenal length – all the way up to 17mm! Made from vegan silk fibers with tapered ends to mimic your natural lashes, these fabulously feathery designs are packed more densely for a fuller look, and are double-layered for exaggerated volume from every angle. Love the eye-enhancing effect of a cat’s eye shape, but prefer to keep it subtle? Both our hyper-realistic vegan mink collection and our ultra-fine and fluttery Au Naturel vegan silk collection include a variety of gently-winged lashes that provide a softer take on the look, so you can still get your flick on for a day at the office.

You'll Love These

Whether you opt for a subtle enhancement or all-out drama, you’ll be glad to know that all Mademoiselle Lashes are reusable. Each pair is carefully hand-crafted using only the finest vegan materials, for maximum durability. With a little care, you’ll be wearing our cat eye false lashes 20+ times before they need replacing!

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