Lashes for Upturn Eye Shapes

Handpicked Collection of Upturned Eyelashes

Looking for the best upturned eyelashes? We’re so happy you’ve found us. We’ve created this highly curated collection of lashes for your specific eye shape. You don’t need to worry because these lashes are sure to may any stare a show-stopping one. Using only the best vegan silk and vegan mink hairs, we take pride in what we’ve created just for you.

What's Inside

Struggling to pick the right pair of lashes? We get it – there are dozens of different styles out there, and just like finding your perfect lipstick, it’s normal to experiment a bit before you understand what suits you. However, we’ve curated this collection of upturned eyelashes to take much of the trial and error out of the process for you! If you’re second-guessing your eye shape, no worries, we’ve created an interactive lash quiz to help you find your eye shape for you

Made For You

You can check if your eyes are upturned by holding up a mirror and drawing an imaginary horizontal line across your pupil; this eye shape tilts upwards, meaning the outer eye corner is above the line. Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift are just a few of the celebrities with this beautiful, cat-like eye shape, which has all the versatility of almond eyes but with added glamour and mystery.

The perfect match for upturned eyes, winged or upturned eyelashes emphasize and enhance your natural feline stare by flaring up and out towards the temple. Of course, you can create a subtler or more dramatic take on the look for different occasions.

You'll Love These

For an ultra-natural day look, try our Jane or Angel lashes. Two of our shortest designs, still add a touch of eye-enhancing length, plus they’re both made from vegan mink for a beautifully delicate-looking flutter.

To turn the glamour up just a notch, we think you’ll love the Adrienne lashes, another imitation-mink style with a slightly more pronounced wing shape. Alternatively, try our Mila lashes which are a lightweight silk style that also has a gentle flick, or our winged Emma lashes, the most voluminous style in our elegant Au Naturel collection.

However, if it’s a show-stopping look you’re after, it’s got to be our Tina or Mandee upturned eyelashes. Both with fluffy volume and lusciously-long length at the outer corner, they’ll take what nature gave you and magnify it to the maximum!

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