Monolid Eye Shape Lashes

A Collection of Lashes for Asian Eyes & Monolid Eyes

Looking for the best false lashes for Asian eyes? You have those versatile monolid eyes that can pull off most lashes but we’ve curated the best of the best for you. Designed to add volume and flatter your natural beauty, this hand-picked collection is packed with our favorite lashes for monolid eyes. Whether you're looking for something subtle for every day or dramatic for a special occasion, get ready to find your new fav monolid lashes for Asian eyes.

What's Inside

Not sure which of our false lashes will suit you best? If you’re looking for lashes for Asian eyes, you’re in the right place! We’ve curated a selection of our best lash styles for monolid eyes, including options for daytime and night-out looks.

But first, what are monolid eyes? Although this eye shape is typically found among Asian people, not all Asian people have monolid eyes. It’s easy to check if you do, however: hold up a mirror directly in front of your eye, and see if you can see a well-defined eyelid crease above it. If you can’t then yep, you have monolid eyes and any of these Mademoiselle lashes for Asian eyes will suit you perfectly. If you need a little more help we’ve created a fun interactive lash quiz to help you figure this all out, follow this link to check it out.

Made For You

If you like to get creative when it comes to beauty, you’ll be glad to know that monolid eyes are the perfect canvas for dramatic lash looks. Think criss-cross layouts, spiky clusters, and seriously long lengths… you can use all of these lashes alongside monolid eyes without any risk of overpowering your face or distracting from the rest of your makeup. Just steer clear of especially dense styles, which could make your eyelids appear weighed down.

You'll Love These

For day-to-day wear, our favorite lashes for Asian eyes are the short-and-spiky Robin lashes or the gently-winged Mila lashes, both of which offer light volume made from vegan silk for an oh-so-natural effect. If you’re intrigued by our ultra-premium vegan mink, our short-but-fluffy Jane design will do a beautiful job of opening up your eyes without making it obvious that you’re wearing false eyelashes.

Shopping for a night-out look? Tina is a dramatically-winged shape with lots of length, and thick but feather-light volume that adds intensity without being overwhelming. Our Mandee lashes are also excellent lashes for Asian eyes, offering a long and wispy winged shape that’s guaranteed to wow.

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