Couture Magnetic Collection

About the Collection

Become your own lash artist with our Couture collection, a customizable approach to wearing false eyelashes. Available in four signature looks, these 30-piece lash cluster kits give you the freedom to try a new lash look every day. Choose between whisper-light, spiky, semi-full, or high-density as the base of your look, and then get creative arranging the segments in different ways to build your perfect lash look from the ground up!

What's Inside

But aesthetics aren’t the only reason to love these magnetic lashes – you’ll also appreciate their versatility. These cluster segments are quick to apply and easy to reposition. Use them to add length and volume all along your lash line, or just at the corner. Go single layer or double layer, and try out winged vs. rounded shapes to discover your favorite. With these customizable cluster lashes, you’re free to create a new, bespoke look for every occasion.

Why You'll Love Them

Create your own bespoke lash look with our Couture cluster lash collection: four key looks that each frame your eyes in a uniquely beautiful way. Every kit contains 30 magnetic clusters in the same range of lengths, from a subtle 8mm through to a lusciously long 14mm. The difference? Each style varies in density, shape, or depth of color, so you can find your perfect match whether you crave a natural look or high-octane drama.

How They're Made

And they’re as pretty as they are practical. All of our Couture eyelashes are made from premium vegan silk hairs for a luxury look you can feel good about wearing. They’re lusciously long, delicately tapered, beautifully voluminous, and designed to blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes. They’re also so light you’ll barely feel they’re there – truly the best magnetic lashes in every way possible!

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