Premier Vegan Silk Collection

About the Collection

Discover a striking new look with Premier, our signature collection of the best false eyelashes designed to create the ultimate drama. These fake eyelashes are perfect for nights out, photoshoots, special occasions, or simply whenever you want to have the boldest and most beautiful eyes in the room.

What's Inside

The Premier collection includes a variety of styles, from clustered spiked eyelashes, to luscious winged and cat’s eyelashes, to ones that are truly big and fluffy to really open up the eye. Plus, we offer these fake eyelashes in a range of curl types so that there’s a design to suit every eye shape.

For the most extreme and dramatic look, the best false eyelashes to try are the Adrienne which have the deepest, tightest curve, or the Mimi which have a criss-cross pattern of exceptionally densely-packed fibers. But really, any of our Premier styles are going to make a statement.

Why You'll Love Them

These really are the best fake eyelashes around. Not only do they look fabulous, but they’re expertly hand-crafted, easy to apply, fully reusable, and can last 20 or more wears with proper care and storage. Oh, and they’re also cruelty-free.

No matter the angle, when you’re wearing these false eyelashes, your eyes won’t fail to make an impression. Once you’ve seen the Premier effect for yourself, you won’t want to go back to wearing anything else!

How They're Made

All of our Premier false lashes are double layered, meaning they have two rows of lashes for an intense, exaggerated fullness. They’re crafted from vegan silk fibers, to create false eyelashes that feel ultra-light to wear, yet are full of feathery volume. In fact, we’ve made them so dense, we even recommend you don’t add mascara on top. The best fake eyelashes should look incredible all on their own, and ours most certainly do!

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