How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

Applying your lashes can be easy with some practice.  Here are some steps to help you through it. 

Fit Your Lashes by Checking the Length - Mademoiselle Lash - How to trim eyelashes
Remove the lashes from the tray. Bend the lashes in a U shape to make them more flexible.  Hold the lash to your eye and measure where the lash should be trimmed. Shoot to have your lashes fall just short of your natural eye length so that they won’t poke your inner corner of your eye.

Trim Your Lashes with an Eyebrow Scissor - Mademoiselle Lash - How to trim eyelashes
How to Trim Eyelashes? We recommend using eyebrow scissors for best results.  Always trim from the outer end and not the inner to maintain its intended shape.  We recommend to make small cuts until you meet your ideal lash length.

Apply Glue to Lashes - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Apply Fake Eyelashes
Apply Mascara to your natural lashes to create a stiffer shelf for your silk lashes to sit on.  Apply your favorite lash adhesive along lash band. Please follow glue instructions on how to apply.

Apply Lashes with Tweezers - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Apply Fake Eyelashes
How to Apply Fake Eyelashes? Curl your eyelashes and apply your eyeliner to create a guideline for you to follow.  You can apply your lashes with a pair of tweezers (holding it from the middle of the lash) or with your hands. Gently place lashes on top of (and as close to) your natural lash line. Secure lash by pushing it down towards your lash line; try not to move the lashes too much. After you apply the lashes give them time to set.

All Finished Your Lashes Should be Applied Properly - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Apply Fake Eyelashes
Your all finished.  You can apply mascara or finish with more eyeliner for a more dramatic effect and fill in any gaps.

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