How to Apply Lashes

Wondering how to apply lashes? If you’ve never done it before, there’s no need to worry. With just a little practice, applying false eyelashes will become second nature -- it’s so easy that people who wear them regularly can usually pop them on in a minute flat!

 Here’s how to apply lashes, how to trim lashes to the correct length, and how to remove glue from your eyelashes once you’ve taken them back off:

Remove lashes from the lash tray.

Step 1: How to prepare your false lashes

Using tweezers so that you don’t damage them, remove the lashes from their tray. Then, using your fingers, gently bend the lashes in a U shape to make them more flexible. This will make them fall naturally onto the curve of your eyelid instead of needing to be pushed into place. 

Trim lashes to the correct length.

Step 2: How to trim lashes

 The first time you wear a new set of false lashes, you may need to trim the length of the band so that it doesn’t poke in at one or both corners. Hold the lash up to your eye. It should fall just short of your natural eye length, so if it’s longer than that, snip some off.

 We recommend using eyebrow scissors so you can be precise about where you’re cutting. Always trim from the outer end and not the inner one, to maintain the lashes’ intended shape. We recommend making small cuts at a time and re-checking them against your eye between each snip, until you meet your ideal lash length. You can’t add length back if you cut too much off!


Step 3: How to prepare your natural lashes

Apply mascara to your natural lashes and allow it to dry. This creates a stiffer shelf for your vegan silk lashes to sit on. We recommend curling your eyelashes too so that they will better match and blend in with the curve of your falsies.

 We also advise applying eyeliner, especially if you’re a false eyelashes beginner. This gives you a clear guideline to follow when applying the lashes.

Apply mascara to your natural lashes.

Step 4: How to apply your false lashes

Apply your favorite lash adhesive along lash band. Refer to the instructions on the glue for how best to apply it. Then, leave it for around 30 seconds until it dries to a tacky consistency. This will avoid it dripping into your eyes!

Apply your lashes with a pair of tweezers or with your fingers.

You can apply your lashes with a pair of tweezers or with your fingers. Grip the false lashes from the center, and gently place them on top of (and as close as possible to) your natural lash line. They should be attached to base of your eyelid, not to your eyelashes. Secure the lash by pushing it down towards your lash line, but try not to move the lashes too much. 

After applying, give the lashes some time for the glue to set before continuing with your eye makeup. You can then apply mascara or finish with more eyeliner for a more dramatic effect and to fill in any gaps.

However, be aware that applying mascara to your false eyelashes will shorten their lifespan. If you’re not achieving the ‘wow’ look that you want without it, perhaps it’s time to switch to a denser eyelash style such as our Mimi design.

How to remove glue from your eyelashes

You can remove glue from your natural and false eyelashes using your normal eye makeup remover, or an oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or baby oil. Soak it into a cotton pad and swipe it across your lash line. Allow it to sit for a minute to work its magic, then gently peel the false eyelashes off from the outer corner. Wipe away any glue that’s still on your eyelids.

To remove glue left on your false eyelashes, soak a q-tip in your chosen solution and gently rub the glue off with it, being careful not to pull on the hairs (or you’ll pull them off!). Don’t soak your Mademoiselle Lashes in water or they may lose their shape. 

Can you reuse fake lashes?

This depends on the brand you’re buying. Self-adhesive lashes (which don’t require glue) are designed to be single-use only. No false eyelashes will last forever, but low-quality ones may start to fall apart after just a few wears. 

However, with Mademoiselle Lash, the answer to “can you reuse fake lashes?” is a resounding “yes!”. Our lashes are expertly hand-crafted in order to last up to 20 wears, or even more, with proper care and storage. Read all about caring for your lashes here.

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