How to Care for Fake Lashes

Our false eyelashes are hand-crafted with care, precision, and premium-quality materials, meaning they should last for up to 20 wears, or even longer if you’re lucky! However, as with any strip lashes, proper care is the only way to ensure you get the most possible use from them.

Our lash care guide below explains how to care for fake lashes so that you can keep wearing them again and again (and again…). It covers all of the most frequently asked questions, from how to clean fake lashes, to how to remove them without damaging them, to how to store them between wears. 

If you’re new to wearing false eyelashes (or even just new to wearing Mademoiselle Lash), this page is a must-read. We promise it won’t take long, and it will maximize the lifespan of your purchase!

How to remove glue from your eyelashes

How to remove glue from your eyelashes

You can remove glue from your natural and false eyelashes using your normal eye makeup remover, or an oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or baby oil. Soak it into a cotton pad and swipe it across your lash line. Allow it to sit for a minute to work its magic, then gently peel the false eyelashes off from the outer corner. Wipe away any glue that’s still on your eyelids.

To remove glue left on your false eyelashes, soak a q-tip in your chosen solution and gently rub the glue off with it, being careful not to pull on the hairs (or you’ll pull them off!). Don’t soak your lashes in water or they may lose their shape.

How to remove fake lashes

How to remove fake lashes

When you’re removing your lashes, please be gentle. They are exceptionally durable as far as false lashes go, but they’re still just individual hairs held together by a cotton thread. They can only take so much force!

Peel your false eyelashes carefully away, starting from the outer corner. If you feel resistance, loosen the glue before continuing by soaking a Q-tip in non-oil based makeup remover and dabbing it along the band where you’re struggling to unstick it.

How to clean fake lashes

How to clean fake lashes

It’s recommended to remove glue buildup from your set of strip lashes every 3 – 4 wears (or sooner if you can see that there’s lots of it stuck there). Use a cotton swab dipped in non-oil based makeup remover to loosen any residue that’s left on them. Then gently pull the glue away with tweezers or your fingertips. Be sure to hold the base and lash hairs with the pads of your fingers, to avoid individual lashes from being pulled off.

Above all, remember to never soak your lashes! They can take a little water, but don’t drown them. If your lashes get too wet, they may start to lose their shape.

How to store fake lashes

How to store fake lashes

It’s essential to avoid anything crushing your false lashes, which can also lead to them becoming misshapen. The best option is to keep the original tray that they were packaged in, and put the eyelash strips back into it between wears. 
This also allows you to pop them into your handbag easily, for those days when you’re heading straight from the office to a party, and want to change up your makeup look.

Can I sleep in my fake lashes?

We know that feeling of getting back from a night out and wanting to crash straight into bed, but please try not to sleep in your lashes. Smooshing them against a pillow for eight hours can permanently crease them, ruining their precisely-created shape and making them look far less natural and beautiful.

Can I wear mascara with my fake lashes?

It’s perfectly fine to apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying false ones – in fact, we recommend it! This creates a stiffer shelf for the false eyelashes to sit on. Just remember to allow the mascara to dry before continuing, if you want to keep your falsies mascara-free.

It’s your preference whether to add mascara onto the false lashes themselves or not, but we recommend that you don’t. It will shorten their lifespan. If you want more definition or drama, why not try a denser false eyelash style such as our Danielle Lashes?

We hope these lash care tips have explained how to care for fake lashes effectively (it’s not too hard, right?) but if you have any more questions, you’re welcome to email us!


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