How to Care For Your Lashes

 Proper care for your lashes is the only way to continue to use them for up to 25 wears.  Here are some tips to care for your lashes.

woman sleeping in lashes - mademoiselle lash - how to care for lashes

We know this may be hard to do sometimes depending on the night you've had but try not to sleep in your lashes.  Sleeping in your lashes can damage them or permanently crease them in a shape you don't want.

 Remove Lashes Gently - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Care for Lashes

When you’re removing your lashes, please be gentle.  They are still just individual hairs held together by a cotton thread.  They can only take so much force. Try to not to pull too hard when you’re removing them. 

Use Cotton Swab to Remove Glue from Lashes - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Care For Lashes

Use a cotton swab to loosen the glue residue with makeup remover.  Once the residue is loosened gently remove the glue with tweezers or your fingertips.  Make sure to hold the base & lash hairs with the pad of your finger to avoid individual lashes from being pulled off.  It’s recommended to remove glue buildup after 3 – 4 wears.

Woman Washing Face with Water - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Care for Lashes

Do not soak your lashes...they can take water but don't drown them. 

Woman Applying Mascara to Lashes - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Care for Lashes

It's your preference if you want to add mascara but we recommend you don't to give your lashes a long life.  They are double layers and dense so you don't really need them anyway.

Use Original Packaging to Store Lashes - Mademoiselle Lash - How to Care for Lashes

To keep your lashes shape we recommend you reuse our lash trays for easy storage.


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