Lashes for Round Eye Shapes

A Collection of Eyelashes for Round Eyes

Hello Gorgeous! Looking for the perfect eyelashes for round eyes? We knew you would. So we’ve curated this collection of styles that will fit your beautiful big eyes. Don’t hesitate to try one or try all, you’ll be confident knowing that each style has been hand-picked so they only enhance your beautiful eyes perfectly.

What's Inside

Do you have beautifully big, look-at-me eyes à la Ashley Olsen and Zooey Deschanel? Welcome to our curated selection of luxury eyelashes for round eyes, created so that you can easily find a style that suits you!

If you’re not sure if this is your eye shape, take a close-up look in the mirror – standing front-on, imagine a line running horizontally straight through the center of your pupil. If the outer corner of your eye sits more or less on this line and you can see the whites of your eye below your iris, you have round eyes. If you’re second-guessing your eye shape you can also use our interactive lash quiz to find out what eye shape you are and what lashes we recommend.

Made For You

The most important thing to remember when choosing false eyelashes for round eyes is to avoid anything with too much volume. Your doe-like eyes already make an incredible impression all by themselves, and if you add particularly heavy-looking lashes on top of that you risk overwhelming them, not to mention making them appear smaller. Instead, look for light and wispy styles that still come with plenty of added length and a beautiful curl. In particular, winged shapes will add extra dimension and make you look phenomenal.

You'll Love These

For a delicate day look, you can’t go wrong with the winged Angel lashes from our vegan mink collection. The perfect everyday eyelashes for round eyes, they’re ultra-fine and fluttery for a natural effect that’s oh-so-flattering, yet won’t look too ‘made up’ for a day in the office.

When it’s time to party, switch to our winged Tina or Mandee lashes – they’ll open up your eyes even more in a way that says ‘sultry cat’s eye’ rather than ‘surprised stare’. They’re also wonderfully voluminous without being overpowering, thanks to being made from vegan silk. These premium fibers are super fine and gently tapered, which makes them more natural-looking than most synthetic fibers.

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