Classic Volume Lashes

About the Collection

Are you looking for a fabulous pair of long fake lashes that can do double duty by blending in seamlessly with both day and night looks? Our beautifully wispy classic lashes are perfectly balanced between hyper-realism and full-on drama, for eyes that won’t look overdressed for the office or undressed for a night on the town.

What's Inside

Just like with lipstick, there’s no such thing as a one-style-suits-all pair of false eyelashes. That’s why our lusciously-long fake lashes come in a variety of designs, each tailored to different eye shapes. Many of our lashes have a classic C curl, which works wonders to lift the eye while still looking natural. However, some of our ultra-wispy classic lashes, such as the Mandee, have been given a softer B curl which enables them to be extra-long without looking too ‘heavy’ for daytime wear.

Made For You

As for shapes, you’ve got your pick of winged or rounded, as well as a smooth versus spiky top edge. Winged eyelashes are a must-have for creating a glamorous cat’s eye flick and work equally well on round or almond-shaped eyes. Styles with a mirrored curve meanwhile, where the longest lashes are in the center, are particularly useful for opening up hooded or downturned eyes.

All of our long fake lashes are hand-crafted using the finest vegan materials, with the lash fibers themselves made from either cruelty-free silk or synthetic (yet hyper-realistic looking!) mink. Each individual lash has a tapered end to mimic a natural eyelash, and both our glue-on strips and our magnetic clusters feel exceptionally lightweight and comfortable.

You'll Love These

Whatever the occasion, our long and wispy classic lashes are simply a makeup kit must-have. Think of them as a pair of jeans or a chic white shirt – something that’s easy to dress up or down, and which will absolutely never go out of style!

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