Natural Looking Eyelashes

About the Collection

Do you dream of having naturally longer lashes? Intrigued by the idea of wearing false lashes, but don’t want them to look fake? Then you’re in the right place: on this page, you’ll find our most believable eyelash styles – ones so realistic, they could easily pass as your own!

What's Inside

That’s not to say that these natural false lashes don’t make a difference. They absolutely do. They’ll add just the right amount of wispy length to open up your eye, as well as bringing subtly added fullness to your lash line. They’re even better than mascara at defining and enhancing your eyes, but with absolutely no risk of flaking or clumping. And what’s not to love about that?

Made For You

A few things go into making our natural false lashes look so realistic. For starters, we’ve kept the length on the shorter side, although they’ll still be noticeably longer than your real eyelashes – after all, that’s what you’re wearing them for! They’re also lower-density than our ‘night out’ lash strips, for a slight volume boost that adds flirtiness into your flutter while still working perfectly alongside low-key makeup looks.

We’ve also carefully considered the curl type, with our natural lash selection coming in gentle B and C curls – shapes that lift and open the eye while blending well with your own lash line. Finally, some of these styles use clear bands, for a truly invisible look against your lid.

You'll Love These

Our natural false lashes come in two luxury fiber types: vegan silk and vegan mink, which are both ultra-fine with tapered ends for added realism. Each of our Au Naturel vegan mink styles reaches 14mm at its longest point, while our ultra-fluffy vegan silk designs range from 10-15mm. Whichever you choose, one thing’s for sure: they’ll make your eyes look incredible, without overwhelming them or the rest of your makeup!

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