Hooded Eye Shape Lashes

About the Collection

Looking for the best eyelashes for hooded eyes? They're right here. Made from vegan silk and vegan mink hair our lashes will not only look beautiful, but you’ll feel confident that of your cruelty-free status. Available in a range of lengths and shapes to suit your unique eye shape, this hand-picked selection will take your favorite looks to the next level.

What's Inside

Feeling overwhelmed by all the different lash style options available to you? No worries! Think of this page as your personal shopper service – we’ve narrowed our designs down to just the very best eyelashes for hooded eyes so that you can be sure all of these styles will suit you perfectly.

Hooded eyes are full of sensual mystique. The best lashes play that up, while the wrong styles can drag them down. But first, let’s double-check you have this eye shape: standing straight-on in front of a mirror, look at your eyelids. If they’re barely visible while your eyes are open, you have hooded eyes – just like celebrities including Blake Lively, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence. (Another giveaway is if you’ve ever thought “what’s the point in wearing eyeshadow because no one can see it?!”). If you need a little more help we’ve created a fun interactive lash quiz to help you figure this all out, follow this link to check it out.

Made For You

The best eyelashes for hooded eyes are longest at the center, directly above the pupil, and taper at both ends. This helps to open them up and make them look bigger and brighter. Stick to lightweight, fluttery styles too to avoid overpowering your eyes.

You'll Love These

For everyday makeup looks, we recommend our vegan silk Robin lashes, a low-volume style with a mirrored shape and subtle spikes that add to their hyper-natural appearance. To turn up the drama, our favorite style for this eye shape is definitely the vegan mink Danielle lashes. They’re still longest at the center and contain a mixture of shorter and longer fibers, but have a slightly more pronounced curve and lashings of added volume.

Although round styles are the best eyelashes for hooded eyes, we also have a winged lash style that will make you look fabulous if you’re craving that classic, cat’s eye look: our vegan silk Emma lashes have a very gentle flare at the outer corner, adding intrigue without detracting from your natural eye shape.


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