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We may be biased, but we truly believe it when we say that Mademoiselle Lash is one of the best false eyelash brands in the industry. Perhaps even the best. Based in Orange County, CA, it’s our mission to design faux eyelashes that are so good, you’ll consider them a must-have accessory in your beauty cabinet.

We were created with a philosophy to spread the love of beauty to all. From premium-quality materials and construction, to a range that includes a lash style to suit every eye shape, we won’t be satisfied until everyone who wears false eyelashes calls us their favorite.

The best way to decide for yourself if we’re the best eyelashes brand is, of course, to slip on a set of Mademoiselle Lashes and witness the transformation for yourself!! But in the meantime, allow us to explain what makes Mademoiselle Lash so different to other false eyelash brands.

The Secret to a Bewitching Glaze

Why eyelashes? Throughout history, alluring eyes have always been one of women’s most iconic and coveted features. We think of faux eyelashes as the ultimate accessory, like that pair of killer heels you always wear when you want an instant confidence boost.

The right pair of long and voluminous lashes will frame your eyes in just the right way, opening them up and magnifying their beauty for all to see. Our collection includes everything from feathery, cat’s eye lashes to spikey, tapered ones, and has options whether you want a subtler, natural finish or all-out glamour. Whatever your eye shape and wherever you’re heading, we’ve got the perfect lash style.

We don’t believe in the notion of ‘one size fits all’ beauty products. We’re all different, so what suits us best will be different too. When you’re wearing Mademoiselle Lash, we want you to feel like your false eyelashes were custom-created just for you!

But that’s only one part of what makes us the best brand for false eyelashes. There’s so much more to love about Mademoiselle Lash…

Premium Quality Faux Eyelashes

After many years of working in the fashion and beauty industry, our founder felt like even the best brand false eyelashes had something lacking. She spotted a gap in the market for premium-quality, vegan-silk lashes that were both cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Extensive research led to the creation of a range of reusable eyelashes that are long-lasting, beautiful, and able to bring all the drama while maintaining a natural look.

We believe in offering only the highest-quality products to our Mademoiselles. Each strip of soft and feather-light false eyelashes is crafted from 100% cruelty-free vegan silk fibers, hand sewn onto cotton bands for the utmost comfort and durability. Every style is double-layered, to add natural-looking dimension and volume. And our lashes are designed to last and last – they can be reused up to 20 times with the right care.

We prefer vegan silk lashes to mink or natural hair versions because vegan silk is exceptionally durable and holds its shape. This allows us to create our range of very precise curl options to flatter different eye shapes, and ensures that your Mademoiselle Lash reusable eyelashes retain the same silhouette wear after wear after wear.

Plus, vegan silk eyelashes simply look and feel luxurious – if you want a polished, professional look, it has to be vegan silk!

Our Philosophy

We know that our Mademoiselles don’t just care about looking good, they care about doing good too. That’s why our false lashes brand is one of the few that’s committed to ensuring that all of our products are both cruelty-free and eco-friendly. 

Our founder’s background in eco fashion is part of what inspired her to choose vegan silk for all our eyelashes; so is the hand-crafted cotton band that the lashes are attached to, and every purchase will arrive in chic, recycled paper packaging. And it should go without saying, but we never, ever test on animals.

We’ve also worked with eco-friendly, non-profit charity organizations such as CarbonFund to ensure our company’s carbon footprint on the world is as minimal as possible. We believe it’s entirely possible to make yourself beautiful and keep the planet looking beautiful at the same time!

Giving Back

Here at Mademoiselle Lash, we want to do more than just run a business. We believe that you get back only what you put into this world, and so we strive to seek out and work with charity organizations and non-profit organizations that are doing great and important things, and that we think our Mademoiselles will love to get behind too.

When you buy our reusable false eyelashes you’re supporting charities such as Children’s Hospital of Orange County, which helps families of children with terminal illness treat and find cures for those illnesses. We have also worked with Two Wings, a non-profit that helps women who are the victim of sex-trafficking to find jobs, pursue their dreams, and ultimately go on to live fulfilled, financially-independent lives.

A Final Note From Our Founder

Founder of Mademoiselle Lash Annie Le

“First of all, I want to thank you for supporting Mademoiselle Lash. I created this brand to bring products into the world that enhance the natural beauty found in every woman. It’s not about masking anything – it’s about highlighting what makes you unique, and capturing a vision of how you feel inside for all to see. I want every woman and man to embrace their outer and inner beauty! 

I’m proud to have created the best eyelashes brand I could envision for our customers. High-quality, cruelty-free vegan silk lashes that define the eye and bring focus to the most expressive part of your face. I hope you love the products we have created for you as much I do. I stand behind my brand and I don’t offer anything I wouldn’t wear myself. Our Tina lashes are my everyday lash; I love how they make my eyes look, and more than that, how they make me feel.” - Annie Le

Make them stare. Wear Mademoiselle Lashes.


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