Dramatic Volume Eyelashes

About the Collection

Are you looking for lashes that will turn the volume up to an eleven? From our fullest, fluffiest strip lashes to our longest-length magnetic clusters, here you’ll find all of our most dramatic false lashes to make your eyes the true centerpiece of any look. They’re perfect for photoshoots, nights out, and any other time you want to have the boldest eyes in the room!

What's Inside

What makes these lash styles so sensational? Like all Mademoiselle Lash styles, they’re double-layered for double the volume, which creates a fluttery 3D look from every angle. However, we’ve gone one step further with the designs shown on this page by packing the lash fibers a little tighter, for added density that creates truly impressive fullness. If you need a little more help we’ve created a fun interactive lash quiz to help you figure this all out, follow this link to check it out.

Made For You

Naturally, our most dramatic false lashes are also our longest. Some of the styles reach a luscious 17mm, either at the center above the pupil to really lift and open the eye, or at the outer corner for a sultry and seductive cat’s eye flare. Either way, these ultra-long lashes are guaranteed to wow!

Thinking long and thick lashes must equal ‘heavy’? You don’t have to worry. By using the finest fiber types such as vegan silk, plus ultra-lightweight magnets for our clusters, we’ve created a series of false lashes that look incredible but feel light as a feather. They don’t look too heavy either, thanks to hyper-realistic fibers that taper at the ends just like your own eyelashes, to frame and enhance without overpowering.

You'll Love These

Best yet, all of our lashes are fully reusable. With a little TLC, you can expect them to last 20+ wears. High-quality materials have been hand-crafted with care and precision, for a product that’s exceptionally durable. And once you’ve seen how show-stopping these dramatic false lashes make your eyes look, trust us, you’re going to want to wear them again and again!

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