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Premier Collection

Discover the luxury – and extravagant beauty – of vegan silk lashes. Our Premier false lash collection has been designed for maximum impact. Think lusciously-long lengths, full and feathery volume, and our most striking cat’s eye shapes. If our other faux silk lashes are premium quality, these ones are couture.

To create our Premier lashes, the fibers are hand-stitched to a cotton band, for superior durability. And we use only the finest of vegan silk fibers, to create a look that’s dramatic yet delicate. It’s the ultimate in eyelash indulgence.

Choose our Premier vegan silk lashes when you want to make a statement – for special events, photo shoots, or just to be unforgettable on your next night out.

Au Naturel Collection

For natural-looking beauty, there’s nothing quite like vegan silk lashes. The ultra-fine fibers subtly enhance your lash length and density without overpowering your eyes, and feel light as a feather. You’ll barely notice that you’re wearing them – and it won’t be obvious to others that you have false lashes on either!

Our Au Naturel vegan silk lashes have the same double-layered construction as our Premier lashes, for gorgeous depth and fluffy volume. However, we’ve kept the length a little shorter and spaced the lashes further apart, for a look that’s less extreme.

We recommend these vegan silk lashes for everyday wear, or for those who simply prefer a toned-down finish. They’re irresistibly wispy and oh-so flattering!

Lash Bundles

Excited to try our vegan silk lashes but don’t know which style to start with? Or simply love variety in your makeup kit? Our bundle packs are a cost-effective way to buy multiple pairs of Mademoiselle Lashes at once, coming in at a lower price than purchasing each set of vegan silk lashes separately.

Simply choose between round lashes for a more natural look or winged, cat’s eyelashes for romantic glamour. Our 4-piece vegan silk lashes bundles allow you to sample every round or winged style in our collection. While our 3-piece day-to-night bundles offer brides subtle, sultry, and all-out striking options to gradually turn up the drama through the big event.

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