Lashes for Almond Eye Shapes

The Best Lashes for Almond Shaped Eyes

Our best lashes for almond-shaped eyes were made to flatter your face. Whether you're looking for cat eye styles to enhance your natural shape, rounded lashes for a widening effect, or wispy lashes for dramatic attitude, these lashes will make a serious impression on anyone who gazes at your beautiful almond shaped eyes.

What's Inside

Finding your perfect lashes can be tricky! To help you narrow things down, we’ve curated this collection which groups together all of our best lashes for almond-shaped eyes – if that’s you, you’ll find any of these styles supremely flattering. If you’re second-guessing your eye shape, no worries, we’ve created an interactive lash quiz to help you find the best lashes for your almond-shaped eyes.

Made For You

Like actual almonds, this eye shape is wider than it is tall and tapers at the corners. Not sure if you have almond-shaped eyes? Here’s how to find out: grab a mirror and take a look at your eyes straight-on. If you can see your eyelid crease, but can’t see the whites of your eyes below the iris, you have almond-shaped eyes. And there’s a good chance you do because this is the most universal eye shape! You’ll be in good company too – Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Angelina Jolie are just a handful of the many gorgeous celebrities with almond eyes.

So what are the best lashes for almond-shaped eyes? Well, as it turns out, you’ve been blessed with versatility – almost any style you try will suit you! However, naturally, some will look extra beautiful, and those tend to be either round lashes that enhance what you’ve already got, or winged lashes that flare out where your eyes begin to taper, to open them up more and create an irresistible cat-like stare.

You'll Love These

For a low-key day look, try our Emma lashes for a rounder look or our Mila lashes for a gentle cat’s eye shape. For all-out drama, our best lashes for almond eyes include the ultra-voluminous, round Jenai lashes, our lusciously-long and winged Tina lashes, and our full and feathery Adrienne lashes made from vegan mink. Our Mandee lashes meanwhile offer a long and wispy winged shape that’s a little lighter, for a look that will take you seamlessly from day tonight.

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