Au Naturel Collection

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Our featherlight Lavonne lashes are designed to subtly yet surely enhance your daytime look.
Picture yourself gazing gracefully out from under a flutter of fine and wispy lashes. That’s the irresistible effect you’ll get with Mila, our best short false eyelashes for those who crave a delicate touch.
Robin lashes have slightly tapered ends, which add to the natural look.
Emma lashes are double-stacked to add beautiful depth and fullness to your lash line.

About the Collection

Our Au Naturel range offers the best, natural-looking false eyelashes in our collection. They’re perfectly suited to everyday wear, or for those who simply crave a more natural look. So whether you’re headed to the office or to your wedding, there’s no occasion where these fab and fluttery eyelashes won’t look just right!

What's Inside

Because the best natural-looking false eyelashes blend perfectly in with your own lash line, we offer a range of styles and curl types to ensure there’s a pair to suit every eye shape. However, when we say that these are the best natural lashes out there, we don’t just mean in terms of appearance. These premium-quality lashes are also cruelty-free, and will last up to 25 wears with proper care and storage. You deserve to feel fabulous frequently!

Why You'll Love Them

Think of Au Naturel as the eyelash equivalent of foundation for your skin. They’ll subtly enhance your eyes, without overpowering your face. And like the best natural lashes, they’ll keep everyone guessing about whether you even have a false set on, or just naturally look this good!

We also think that these are the best false natural eyelashes in the sense that they feel like they’re real too. The vegan silk is ultra-lightweight, and it’s attached to a narrow band, so that no part of the design will weigh your eyelids down. In fact, you probably won’t even notice that they are there! Not until you pass a mirror and get reminded of how good you look, anyway.

How They're Made

In order to create the best false natural eyelashes, we used vegan silk throughout the Au Naturel collection, for a beautifully fine and wispy finish. They’ve been expertly designed to still have the same eye-opening effect as our Premier range thanks to a 3D or double-layer design, but they are a little less dense. We’ve spaced the lashes out further and made them slightly shorter, for a look that’s less intense but just as beautiful.