Wedding Day to Night Winged Lash Bundle

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Why choose between elegance and glamour on your wedding day when you can do both? This silk lashes bundle has been specially selected with brides in mind, offering three distinct versions of a winged look that you can switch between in minutes: subtle, sultry, or sensational.

Mila Lashes – say “I do” in the most enchanting way possible, with these wonderfully natural-looking eyelashes. Fine, wispy clusters frame your eyes without overpowering them, while a gentle flick at the outer corner subtly opens them up.

Thuy Lashes – when it’s time for photos, slip into these silk eyelashes which will add just the right amount of depth and dimension to make your eyes look incredible on camera. They’re more voluminous than the Mila lashes and have a more pronounced (yet still fairly natural) cat eye shape.

Tina Lashes – this day is the party of your life, and Tina is your secret weapon to bring all the drama when evening rolls around. With up to 15mm of luscious length and an unmistakable cat eye flick, you’ll be the most breathtaking woman in the room – just as any bride should be!

All three of these false eyelashes have a C curl, which is universally flattering on every eye shape. Better yet, they will each last up to 20+ wears with proper care, so you won’t just look stunning on your big day but also throughout the honeymoon, and beyond!

How to Apply

Even beginners can achieve an alluring, professional-looking finish in minutes with Mademoiselle Lash!

Step 1: Prep your silk lashes by gently bending them in a U shape.

Step 2: Hold them to your eye to check the length, and trim them to just short of your eye length so they won’t poke at the corners. Go slow! Snip a bit at a time, from the outer edge only for winged styles and outer/inner edge for mirrored styles, until they’re perfect.

Step 3: Apply mascara to create a supportive base, and eyeliner so you’ve got a clear line to follow.  Curl your natural lashes too, so they’ll better match the flirty curve of your Mademoiselle Lashes.

Step 4: Apply your favorite lash adhesive along with the band, and wait 30 seconds for it to dry to a tacky consistency.

Step 5: Holding your Mademoiselle Lashes from the center with a pair of tweezers, position them as close to your natural lash line as possible (above, not below!), and gently press into place.

That’s it! You can follow up with more mascara if you want, but your silk lashes will last longer if you don’t. Plus it’s unnecessary – our lashes are already beautifully dense!

Lash Care

A little TLC goes a long way – with the right care, you can wear your Mademoiselle Lashes up to 20 times, or more!

Don’t sleep in your lashes. Sometimes, all you want to do after a night out is crash into bed. But sleeping in your lashes can permanently crease them into a less-than-gorgeous shape.

Remove gently. Our lashes are pretty sturdy, but there’s only so much pulling these fine, natural-looking hairs can take! Peel them off slowly and with care.

Keep them clean. Every 3-4 wears loosen glue build-up by applying makeup remover with a cotton swab. Then gently remove the residue with tweezers or your fingertips, pressing the base and hairs between the pads of your fingers so the lashes don’t get pulled off.

Don’t soak them. Our lashes can handle a little water, but don’t drown them!

Store carefully. Pop your Mademoiselle Lashes back in their tray between wears, to protect their shape.

To mascara or not to mascara? Our lashes will last longer if you don’t coat them in mascara. But using mascara on your natural lashes prior to application is fine.