What Does Lash Curl Mean? J, B, D, U, L & C Curl Lashes

Eyelash curler not doing it for you anymore? If you’re thinking of trying false eyelashes for a more intense and obvious curl, then it’s important to know that in addition to coming in different shapes (winged, tapered, etc.), false lashes also come in different curl types. Some are incredibly dramatic, while others barely curve at all!

Our lash curl guide below explains what terms such as ‘C curl lashes’ actually mean, and which type to pick depending on the shape of your eyes, the shape of your eyelashes, and your desired effect.

J faux lash curl explained

J Curl Lashes

Besides I curl lashes (which are generally reserved for men seeking added volume without any curl), J curl lashes are the straightest lash style. They mimic the slight curvature of most people’s real eyelashes, meaning they are ideal for creating a very natural effect. Choose J curl lashes for a subtle, conservative look that’s perfect when you don’t want people to know you’re wearing false eyelashes. They will still add plenty of gorgeous length and volume, just not much of a curl.

Ideal for: naturally straight or upward-pointing lashes.

Avoid on: downward-pointing lashes (where they’ll make your eyelids look heavier and your eyes look smaller).

Our J curl lashes: Jenai eyelashes

Fake Lashes B curl style explained

B Curl Lashes

A tad curvier than J curl lashes, and less curvy than C curl lashes, B curl lashes look like natural eyelashes that have had a helping hand from an eyelash curler. They provide a gentle uplift that subtly opens up the eye. If you curl your eyelashes on a daily basis, choose B curl lashes for a natural look that will match the shape you’re used to.

Ideal for: naturally straight lashes. 

Avoid on: downward-pointing lashes, for the same reason as the J curl lashes above.

Our B curl lashes: Mandee eyelashes and Emma eyelashes

C curl for false eyelashes are a more prominent lash style

C Curl Lashes

C curl lashes provide a fabulously uplifted curl that gives you a wide-eyed gaze without crossing over into being overly-dramatic. They have more of a ‘flick’ than the B and J curl types above. Although the shape and thickness of the overall strip can make them look either more natural or more striking, in general, C curl lashes are a great ‘in-between’ choice that works well for both day and night. It’s no wonder that this is the most popular eyelash curl type.

Ideal for: most people! They’ll provide a nice lift to downward-pointing lashes, and a stunning doll-eye look on straight lashes. 

Avoid on: no one, really. C curl lashes are universally flattering.

Our C curl lashes: Tina eyelashes, Thuy eyelashes, Robin eyelashes, Mila eyelashes, and Lavonne eyelashes

D Fake Lash curl is the high volume curl for high drama

D Curl Lashes

Choose D curl lashes when you’re craving total drama! They really define and open up the eyes, thanks to their deep, upward-sloping curl. Compared to a D curl, even your favorite eyelash curler will feel like it’s leaving your lashes totally straight! This is the perfect curl choice for glamorous photoshoots and nights out when you want your eyes to make an unforgettable impact.

Ideal for: naturally downward-pointing lashes, and opening up downturned eyes. 

Avoid on: deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, since the tight curl can end up brushing against the upper eyelid, causing irritation or at least annoyance. 

A more extreme version of D curl lashes, U curl lashes get their name from their practically 180° curvature.

U Curl Lashes

A more extreme version of D curl lashes, U curl lashes get their name from their practically 180° curvature. There will be no mistaking these for natural eyelashes – they’ll make your eyes pop for sure. Slipping into a slinky party dress and killer heels? Then it’s the perfect time to also be wearing some U curl lashes.

Ideal for: straight and downward-pointing lashes, and particularly flattering on monolid eyes.

Avoid on: deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, for the same eyelid-irritating reason described above. 

L curl lashes sometimes get described as a ‘Barbie’ curl. Unlike all of the eyelash curl types, L curl lashes begin with a horizontal section and then curve sharply upwards.

L Curl Lashes

L curl lashes sometimes get described as a ‘Barbie’ curl. Unlike all of the eyelash curl types described above, L curl lashes begin with a horizontal section and then curve sharply upwards. They are essentially a small C or D curve with a flat base. So they are a better choice for achieving a glam, wide-eyed look when other lash curls prove too irritating.

Ideal for: monolid eyes, and getting that C or D curl look on hooded, deep-set and ‘droopy’ eyes but with less risk of the lashes poking into your eyelid.

Avoid on: downward-pointing eyelashes (since the long, flat base will emphasize this)

Other Lash Curl Types

There are more! For example, L+ curl lashes are a little curvier than an L. Different curl types are sometimes also blended together, for example, JB lashes combine J curl and B curl fibers for a more 3D texture.

What Is The Best Lash Curl Type?

What lash curl type looks best on you will depend on the shape of your eyes and your natural eyelashes. However, there’s no question that C curl lashes are incredibly popular, and create a gorgeous, glamorous gaze on practically everyone. If you are really just after beautiful volume and length but otherwise want to keep things natural, you can’t go wrong with J curl lashes. Unsure which of the two to try? B curl lashes are good middle ground.

If you’re unsure which Mademoiselle vegan silk-fiber lashes to try first, feel free to tweet us a photo and we’ll help you out!

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