Are Magnetic Eyelashes the Future or Just a Fad?

Magnetic lashes are major news. How big exactly? Well, Google recently revealed that 2018's most trending search of all related to beauty had been "how to apply magnetic lashes". So, that big. But does this mean we're on the verge of an eyelash revolution?

Magnetic eyelashes are being lauded as an ingenious new product that makes wearing falsies super simple. In theory, it's a great idea. Who wouldn't like to be able to just 'press and go' as you head out the door to your dinner date, achieving stunning lashes in a matter of seconds? But as we all know, in the beauty industry, reality doesn't always live up to the marketing hype.

How do magnetic eyelashes work?

Before we weigh up the pros and cons, let's first explain how magnetic lashes work. The immediate difference you'll notice between these and glue-on lashes is that you'll get two strips per eye, not one. That's because you need one to lay on top of your natural lashes and one to go below. Teeny tiny magnets make them grip onto each other, which keeps them in place sandwiched around your own eyelashes.

So by their very nature, they have the benefit of a fuller look. You can, however, get the same 3D effect with glue-on lashes that are double-layered (which, by the way, all Mademoiselle Lash styles are). Another big plus and this is probably the key selling point for a lot of people, is that how to apply magnetic lashes is theoretically easy. There's no glue involved, so no chance of making a mess. Put them on wrong? Simply slide them off and try again.

And speaking of removing them, magnetic eyelashes do come off incredibly easily. You don't have to use oils or cleansers to dissolve the glue, and because you're supposed to apply mascara before putting magnetic lashes on (it helps them stick better), the lashes themselves don't usually need cleaning either. That means you're very unlikely to damage them, so they're highly reusable.

So far, they're sounding excellent, right? But don't rush out and buy a pair of magnetic lashes just yet! It only takes watching a few magnetic lashes review via YouTube to see that applying them is not exactly as easy as sticking a magnet up on your fridge. Just consider this: if they were as straightforward and effortless to apply as brands would have you believe, why would so many people have needed to Google how to do it?

The problem of putting them on

In reality, putting magnetic eyelashes is a fiddly business. From lining the two strips up evenly to keeping the magnets from sticking together until everything's perfectly positioned, expect to make many attempts before finally getting it right. A common statement from beauty bloggers is that because they started over so many times, applying magnetic eyelashes took far, far longer than gluing a pair on.

Partly, this is because you need to apply magnetic eyelashes with your eyes open. You can't get the bottom layer in place otherwise. So if you're the kind of person who blinks involuntarily when anything comes towards your eyes (if you struggle to put contacts in, for example) then magnetic lashes are not for you!

But let's say you practice lots and become a magnetic lash-applying pro. Are they worth the investment then? The answer is still likely a no. For one thing, they could make your natural eyelashes start falling out! Although tiny, the magnets do make these weigh more than standard falsies, and that can lead to something called traction alopecia - essentially, hair loss caused by constant pulling on your lashes.

False eyelashes that look false

And finally, there's the simple fact that, according to many who've tried them, magnetic eyelashes just don't look good. That's because they may not follow your natural lash line. Some brands - even the higher-end ones - don't put magnets all the way along the strip. Instead, they have a long magnet at the center only.

The bands that the magnets are on are often inflexible, so if they don't match the curvature of your eyelids exactly (unlikely, since we're all unique!) you could end up with them sticking out straight-ish at the two ends. That can range from a minor mismatch to being super noticeable.

In summary, magnetic eyelashes sound good in concept, but when that idea was translated into an actual product it turned out to be not at all user-friendly. Traditional, glue-on lashes are not only much easier to apply, but also give a much more natural-looking result. And isn't the whole point of wearing faux eyelashes to make yourself look as fab as possible?

Truthfully, the only thing that magnetic lashes have over glue-on ones is that they are quicker to remove - but that's all you'll end up wanting to do with a magnetic pair, take them straight back off!

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