Finding the perfect pair of false lashes is about more than just aesthetics. Of course you want them to look fabulous, but it’s also important that they’re comfortable (ideally, so much so that you can forget they’re there!), that they stay securely in place, and if you’re buying reusable lashes, that they’re durable enough to last through lots of wears without deteriorating.

One of the key features you should be looking at when faux lash shopping is the type of band that each pair is made with, since that can significantly affect both the fit and look of the product. A good band will have just the right amount of flexibility – enough to comfortably follow the curve of your eyelids, but not so much that they’re ‘floppy’ and don’t hold their shape. However, the best lash band type for you might change depending on the occasion, such as between regular day wear and special-occasion makeup.

Here’s our guide to four of the most common lash band types:

clear band fake lashes

Clear lash bands

Also known as invisible lash bands, these are synthetic bands that are see-through, making them virtually undetectable from a short distance. That makes them perfect for creating a natural look, because they’ll allow a seamless blend between your real and false lashes. They also don’t make you look like you’re wearing eyeliner.

Clear lash bands are also particularly ideal for beginners. Because hey, if you don’t quite manage to line the band up with your natural lash line, no one’s going to notice!

Sound like what you’re looking for? All of our Au Naturel lashes use clear bands.

false lashes with cotton bands

Cotton Lash Bands

Cotton is a naturally-hypoallergenic fiber, making cotton lash bands suitable even for those with sensitive skin or allergies. It’s also exceptionally soft and lightweight, and therefore very comfortable. For example, cotton bands won’t dig in at the corners of your eye, which some firmer bands may do if they’re a little too long for your eyelid.

Even better, glue adheres well to the natural texture of cotton, meaning that these lashes are more likely to stay firmly put. The cotton itself will be dyed black and hence will be fairly visible – it will look like you’re wearing eyeliner. Perfect if you want to replace mascara and eyeliner with a single step!

If cotton lash bands sound tempting, you will find them on all of our Premier collection lashes.

Pre-glued false lashes

Pre-Glued lash bands

Pre-glued lashes are also known as self-adhesive lashes, because they come with glue already applied. You simply peel off the backing and stick them on, some people find these types of lash bands convenient. However, it’s important to note that they are intended for a single wear only – and since they’re not made for reuse, the bands (as well as the actual lashes) likely aren’t the best quality and might be uncomfortable.

Pre-glued lashes aren’t great from a sustainability perspective, especially if you’re also throwing away plastic packaging with every pair. They’re also not the best choice for your wallet if you want to wear false lashes regularly, since reusable ones usually work out cheaper per wear.


fake lashes with magnetic bands

Magnetic lash bands

Unlike other lash band styles, magnetic ones are entirely glue-free. They’re also different in that there are two strips of lashes for each eye, with tiny magnets spaced out along their length, which you sandwich around your real lashes.

Because magnetic lashes use a double strip, they’re practically guaranteed to create a voluminous look. However, it also makes them twice as heavy. And unlike glue-on lashes which sit on your eyelid, magnetic eyelashes hang all of their weight directly onto your delicate lashes – which can lead to eyelash loss. No one wants balding eyelids!

Many people also say that magnetic lash bands are trickier to apply than traditional ones. We’d say only try magnetic if a glue allergy prevents you from wearing regular false lashes, and even then don’t wear them regularly.

Which is the best lash band type?

Both clear and cotton bands are better than pre-glued lashes in terms of both sustainability and price-per-wear, and also beat out magnetic lash bands from a won’t-damage-your-real-lashes perspective. But whether clear or cotton is best for you really depends on whether you want ‘eyeliner’ to come included with your false lashes or not.


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